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Wes Fager's collectin
Includes GHW and GW Büsh and Nancy Reagan, investigative journalism into various locations, history, protest footage and more.

Two short clips from Aspen Achievement Academy:
Pain Compliance
And this is one w/ a reputation for being less brutal than most.

Straight, too tough?
Local Boston TV station's investigating report on Straight, Soughton.

BINGO (Available in QuickTime)
Bingo is a five-minute computer animated adaptation of a live theater performance called Disregard This Play which was first produced in Chicago in 1993 by Greg Kotis of the Neo-Futurists theater company. This is a low quality reproduction. You can purchase Bingo as part of a collection called Computer Animation Marvels from Odyssey Productions.

A&E investigative report on Wilderness Therapy
This segment includes some interesting details. I'd love to hear perspectives from people who've been to Redcliff or who know people who have.

CNN on BootCamp
By the end of this clip, a child psychologist and one of the animals who runs these camps are arguing over the solution to the problem. They frame the debate as pro vs con regulation. Both of them, the anchor and (presumably) most of the audience seem to have glossed right over the beginnig of the segment, they define the problem as being the very real threat of incarceration. Seems to me the solutions they're offering are all about how better to prepare our children to survive in a police state. Why not change diretion and avoid becoming a police state to begin with??

This news segment by Alan Cohn of The Times (WAMI Miami) on SAFE, Orlando (a Straight spin off) aired just after the 2000 election, in spite of competing headlines. We're ever grateful to Mr. Cohn and WAMI for doing such a good job of exposing this outfit and for allowing us to distribute recordings. (better copies are available in AVI file format or on Video)

Nightline on the movie "Traffic"
Ted Kopel has boldly gone where talking heads don't generally dare tread. (Please note that less than a week after WAMI aired the segment on SAFE, The Times was taken off the air)

This is the abreviated version of the above video starting with the beginning of the interviews with the kids in treatment.

The New and Improved DARE
This short clip talks about the new and improved DARE program. For the uninitiated, they just made it even more like a confrontational group therapy session, though I'm guessing the LE officers delivering the course will still do so fully armed, in uniform and without the benefit of so much as a bachelors in psychology. Interesting to note that this clip was directly followed by an incident report of a student who'd planted a bomb on school campus. You wonder why these kids are going postal?

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